AKIRA Toriyama: famous Japanese mangaka, known throughout the world for having created DragonBall

Beer specifically designed to accompany Dim-Sum and Teppanyaki.

Red beer with fragrances of biscuit, bread and toasted caramel with a pleasantly bitter finish that gives it balance.

IBU 25 – EBC 20  – 4.0 VOL%

ODA Eiichiro: author of One Piece, one of the most famous comics in the world.

Beer specifically designed to accompany Sashimi, Gunkan and Tartare.

White beer with a fresh and refreshing taste, with an almost imperceptible bitterness. With the addition of Sichuan pepper (四川) they make this beer full of flavors with a very pleasant hint of spice.

IBU 16 – EBC 6  – 5.0 VOL%

MASASHI Kishimoto: one of the greatest cartoonists in the world and creator of Naruto.

Beer specifically designed to accompany Uramaki and Temaki.

Beer characterized by intense malt notes with honeyed, slightly herbaceous hints. With a delicate finish that leaves behind a soft and no-invasive bitterness.

IBU 22 – EBC 7  – 5.5 VOL%

Curiosity: the names of the beers are a tribute to the 4 Best Japanese Cartoonists, AKIRA(🐉) ODA(⚓) HARA(🌟) MASASHI(🍃)

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